Recruitment of corporate executives

These are the types of executives you need, and Performa Group knows how to find and recruit them.
Before you award a recruiting mandate, you should be able to compare the success of various firms.

We know how to recruit leaders

Successful executives must:

  • Have a heightened sense of accountability.
  • Demonstrate their ability to continually mobilize and adapt.
  • Work to form teams and help to strategically position their company.

Measuring success

To make this easier for you, below are the indicators we use to measure our own success:
  • Consideration of the essential characteristics of your organization
  • Number and quality of direct contacts in the market
  • Database quality
  • Quality of screening tools
  • Full reference checks

The Fields

  • Engineering, manufacturing and science
  • Information technology and advanced technologies
  • LHuman resources
  • Purchasing, accounting and finance
  • Law
  • Marketing, communications and sales.

Our methodology

We offer our clients a structured and proven methodology. Each mandate is carried out systematically, based on an established timetable.

Our methodology strongly encourages the participation of our clients at strategic points during the mandate. In our opinion, searching for executives is teamwork. In fact, we are convinced that the active participation of our clients in the process greatly increases our success, which is measured by the candidate's impact on and contribution to the company over the long term.

The following is an overview of our search methods, in seven well-defined stages:

01 - Analysis of your requirements

An analysis of your requirements, culture and organizational structure is essential. Ideally, we like to meet with key individuals in your organization at the beginning of the mandate. This is part of our due diligence process. It allows us to classify the information and better understand your needs.

This meeting also helps us to better understand your business vision, objectives, and the challenges your company faces. Finally, this first stage allows us to determine the scope of the challenge the selected candidate will face. This analysis becomes the basis of our search strategy.

02 - Service offer

In the second stage, we describe the services included in our agreement. Topics covered include the company profile, a description of the position to be filled, a profile of the desired candidate, the search method, guarantee, fees and charges, and a timetable.

Before we proceed with the search, we ask you to approve the service offer.

03 - Development of your search strategy

Each mandate is unique for us. It is also important to develop a strategy for each project so that we can identify, evaluate and attract a sufficient number of qualified candidates to allow you to make a choice.

This step allows us to determine the industries and companies to include in our search, as well as the geographic parameters involved. We also look into the potential for knowledge transfer.

04 - Market study

A structured market study is carried out for each mandate. We systematically prepare a list of companies in which we believe we can find potential candidates.

We then analyze each of these organizations. We essentially try to reproduce the organizational structure of the target company and identify the individuals who hold positions of interest for the purposes of the mandate.

Before we contact individuals directly, we consult with key resource people. Our goal is to gather as much information as possible about the people in our market study and identify the leaders. This allows us to identify candidates who should definitely be contacted. This is the preliminary reference check phase.

05 - Direct approach and telephone interviews with candidates

We systematically and confidentially contact potential candidates directly. We then conduct a telephone interview to assess the candidate. By the end of this stage, we usually have a curriculum vitae for each of the best candidates and know their compensation levels.

06 - Selection interviews and presentation of qualified candidates

After an initial analysis of applicants identified during the search, we interview the individuals who best meet the requirements of the position. From this group, we select the individuals we feel are best qualified and submit a detailed career profile for each. We then provide a written evaluation for each of these candidates.

07 - Interview, reference check and offer of employment

At this stage, you meet with the selected candidates.

We methodically check references and help you negotiate the final agreement with the selected candidate.

After the candidate is hired, we follow up regularly with both the client and the candidate. This allows us to evaluate the success of our process and helps the candidate integrate into his or her new environment.

Our experience

The following is a list of the mandates in which Serge Bertrand has been involved over the course of his career:


Our guarantee

Performa Group agrees to reopen the mandate at its own expense if, within six months after hiring, the candidate does not meet your expectations satisfactorily or if he or she leaves your company voluntarily.

Our fees

Fees are charged as follows: The first third is payable on signing the agreement, the second third on presentation of selected candidates, and the final third on completion of the mandate.

Recruiting fees represent a percentage of the candidate's salary for the first year. This amount can vary between 20% and 30%, based on the complexity of the mandate.


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